About us

Johannes Weber Infra Pvt. Ltd. is an international construction company specialized in architecture, waterproofing and damp courses.

Over the past three decades the founder of Johannes Weber Mohammed Siddiqui has worked in construction sector in India, Middle East and Europe. Johannes Weber Construction has emerged as one of the most respected general contracting and water proofing firms in The Netherlands. Again and again, in the arena of waterproofing and dampness in commercial and residential construction, we have proven our ability to take on large, complex projects and complete them on time, on budget, and at the highest levels of quality.


Johannes Weber has been in business since 2000. Started in The Netherlands by Mohammed Siddiqui and extend in 2009 with a daughter company in India. Since we began operations, we have contracted multiple projects in construction  field through out the Netherlands along with Belgium, France, England and India. Morocco and Luxembourg will follow in the near future.


Johannes Weber’s construction service is based on ”hands-on” project management. Our strength is the ability to schedule concurrent short and long-term construction activities, and then effectively manage both for timely project completion.

We consistently meet and beat our customers’ construction deadlines. At Johannes Weber, quality will never be compromised.


Our growing reputation for excellence, resourcefulness and responsiveness is no accident. It is a natural consequence of the values that have guided our company since its founding.. These include an energetic enthusiasm for what we do. Sensitivity to the needs of our customers.

A willingness to accept total responsibility. And an applicator like pride in knowing that what we course will last for generations. While some in our waterproofing industry might find these attitudes old-fashioned, we believe they are why knowledgeable businesses, organizations and architects throughout our region place their confidence, and their trust, in Johannes  Weber. Simply put, we think it’s a better way to build.


This year we are projected to complete multiple projects in different countries. We attribute this success to several factors, but foremost among them is our commitment to the satisfaction of our customer. To produce a quality-crafted facility, we closely manage each project to completion, acting at all times in the best interest of the owner and cost effective.

Johannes Weber believes in delivering unparalleled construction management service tailored to our customer’s unique and individual needs.


Johannes Weber’s preconstruction service centres around ”doing our homework”. We pride ourselves on becoming involved in all aspects of your project. Lending our construction experience to the design team as well as understanding and managing the complicated municipal approval process. The foundation of our services is based on our fully-computerized Estimating Department.

Through state-of-the-art technology and information systems, we continuously update our database of more than hundreds vendors and subcontractors, which allows us to develop precise information on costs for the design and development of virtually any construction project.